Online training

Our online training is offered via our sister company, the UX Design Institute. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or visit the UX Design Institute.

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What you’ll learn


UX principles

An introduction to the theories,
principles and psychology
underpinning user experience


User research

Simple and powerful techniques
to give you a deep understanding
of your users


Analysis frameworks

How to synthesise your research
data into actionable insights
and design goals


Interaction design

Turning insight into designs.
From high-level flows to detailed
design techniques


Practical exercises

Step-by-step tasks to help you practice key techniques and build a portfolio of skills and expertise


Anytime, anywhere

Learn UX in your own time, in your own home, at your own pace

Our approach


Designed for flexible learning, each topic is broken into bite-sized, action-packed videos, lasting less than four minutes on average.


We believe in the UX of learning. Each video is hand-crafted, containing high-quality audio, video and graphics. Because you'll learn better when you can see and hear in high-definition.


We believe in learn-by-doing. During the course you'll complete several practice projects designed to build your skills, confidence and experience in the core UX techniques.

What people are saying

Kind words from happy customers.

I'm currently working through the online course. Brilliant. The material is clear, the system is easy to use and I can drop in and out whenever I have time.

This course was everything I wanted it to be. Structured, clear, well presented, and with immediately relevant content.

This online UX course has been absolutely worth every minute of my time and money spent! I've done a few online courses and I can honestly say this has been the best by far.

Excellent training, would highly recommend it. Very clear, very well structured and great use of examples, analogies and test cases. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced.

Awesome course, structured and well presented....

Absolutely recommended! Well structured, easy to digest, very well presented (thank you Colman) and very useful information. Learned heaps. Definitely worth it!

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Who can benefit?

  1. Product managers and heads of online looking for a more customer-centred approach to product development
  2. Business analysts and project managers looking for a better way to define customer requirements
  3. UX designers with some experience who want to take their interaction design skills to the next level
  4. Software developers and designers who want to know more about usability and the user-centred design process
  5. Start-up founders and business owners who believe UX can help grow their business
  6. Anybody wishing to start or switch to a career in user experience design

How you'll learn

The Professional Diploma in UX Design is delivered entirely online.


Join our global community of students

Who work for the world's best companies

Got questions?


Who should learn UX?

If you work in digital in any capacity, you need to understand UX. Our courses have been enjoyed by developers, designers, analysts, product managers and many more.


Do I need design skills?

No. This is a course for people new to UX. Some experience working on digital projects (in any capacity) will help. Otherwise, there are no special requirements.


Will I learn how to code?

No. This isn't a technical course. UX is more fuzzy than that. We focus on changing your mindset, and learning soft-ish skills, such as research, analysis and interaction design.


Who typically takes this course?

Lots of different people: project managers, product managers, business analysts, software developers, graphic designers, UX designers, digital marketers and many more. UX is a broad church.


Will it help me get a job?

No guarantees, but we have a pretty strong track record helping people make the switch into UX. At the very least, it will give you all-important confidence, knowledge and skills. 


What will I learn?

We've been working in UX since 1999. Our courses focus on the most powerful concepts and techniques we've learned since then. In other words, you'll learn a lot of the very best stuff.

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