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Who should learn UX?

If you work in digital in any capacity, you need to understand UX. Our courses have been enjoyed by developers, designers, analysts, product managers and many more


Do I need design skills to attend?

No. This is a course for people new to UX. Some experience working on digital projects (in any capacity) will help. Otherwise, there are no special requirements.


Will I learn how to code?

No. This isn't a technical course. UX is more fuzzy than that. We focus on changing your mindset, and learning soft-ish skills, such as research, analysis and interaction design.


Who typically attends your courses?

Lots of different people: project managers, product managers, business analysts, software developers, graphic designers, UX designers, digital marketers and many more. UX is a broad church.


Will it help me get a job?

No guarantees, but we have a pretty strong track record helping people make the switch into UX. At the very least, it will give you all-important confidence, knowledge and skills. 


What will I learn?

We've been working in UX since 1999. Our courses focus on the most powerful concepts and techniques we've learned since then. In other words, you'll learn a lot of the very best stuff.


My company needs an invoice / purchase order / something else

No problem. We're used to dealing with all sorts of corporate requirements. Tell us what you need and we'll sort it out.

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