Kind words from happy customers

Matt Barker

Excellent couple of days of UX training with @UXTraining_ - I'd thoroughly recommend the course

Shauna Moggan

I highly recommend the #uxtraining course with@UXTraining_ - really engaging, memorable and lots of fun ;-)

Jordan Moore

Just finished two very enjoyable days full of sharpies, flows and prototypes with @UXTraining_. Highly recommended

Stephen O'Kane

Excellent 2 days of UX training with @fathom_ux @dunlop71 @UXTraining_ very inspiring. Highly recommended #ux #userfirst #collaboration

Shabbir Mulla

Great couple of days with @dunlop71 from @Fathom_UX at @UXTraining_ #UXTraining Learnt loads & great to meet some like-minded people!

2 days of amazing UX insight with @UXTraining_ Now back to @TeamCarma to practice what's been preached. #allhailsharpie

Clea Allen

Thanks to @dunlop71 for a great two days learning more about #UX @UXTraining_

Padraig Birch

Great couple of days at @UXTraining_ #UXtraining. Really reccomend if you work in design and want to brush up on ur #UX

Paolo Bossi

Inspiring UX Training day at @impacthub with @UXTraining_. #amsterdam #uxdesign

Grainne Redmond

just finished UX foundation course with @UXTraining_ and team! Highly recommend! Loads of really useful actionable learnings. #ux


@UXTraining_ Inspiring trainer, great material, interactive and hands on training and loads of fun, thanks Colman! #UXTraining

Nilson Vignolo Benis

Two great days of UX training with lots of learning, hands-on and laughing. Thanks @UXTraining_ and team. Awesome experience!

Sven Beeckman

Got certified today! Thanks @UXTraining_ for the awesome 2 days of UX Training!

Rovigo Manucci

Unbelievable experience with @UXTraining_  in the #ux foundation course in dublin, full of useful information. See you in the #agile course.

Woud Hobbelink

Had a blast at last week's @UXTraining_. Thanks Colman! See you at the #MobileUX course :)

Stephen Flynn

Thanks Gareth for the excellent UX training over the last two days, very engaging @dunlop71 @Fathom_UX @UXTraining_

Gary Page

Just completed a 2 day UX Workshop and it was very good. Big thank you to our wonderful teacher Belen and all the crew @UXTraining_

Daniel Albro

Great 2 days training at UXTraining.ie @UXTraining_ put things into perspective with knowledge, charisma & fun!

Stephen Cummins

Heading home after a great 2 days UX training with @UXTraining_ So much practical stuff that can be applied to work

Anshul Sharma

@UXTraining_ shout out to the amazing 2 days UX workshop I attended in Luxembourg this summer. I feel a little wiser now :D #UXTraining

Sinead S Carroll

Great insights from @UXTraining_ over the last couple of days. Well worth attending his UX training course. Thanks Colman! #uxtraining

Brian Kearns

2 days in Dublin with @UXTraining_ gaining UX insight. Fun group and engaging content brilliantly delivered.

Rachel Hood

Great 2 days of UX training with @UXTraining_ Very inspiring and highly recommend the #uxtraining course!

Alexandra Lea

Thoroughly enjoyed my @UXTraining_ course. Big thanks to UX gurus @sparrk and @dunlop71 for a fantastic two days!

Gerard Coughlan

I never thought I'd enjoy 2 days in a room with a Cork man! Well done @UXTraining_ on delivering an excellent UX course.

Patrick Fagan

Spent lovely few days UX training with @UXTraining_. Learned/confirmed a lot.

Thanks to @dunlop71 for more insight into the world of #UX, had a great time! @UXTraining_ @Fathom_UX

Sander van Mourik

@UXTraining_ Really happy I chose for UXtraining! Great course, great teacher. Enjoyed it!

Janice Brogan

In design thinking mode & full of ideas & inspo after @UXTraining_ UX course! Collaborative problem-solving is the name of the game. Thanks C!

The course gave our team a great overview of UX. It was very interactive and engaging, with lots of practical examples and useful tasks. It really hit the spot.

Silvana Precup

@UXTraining_ A big thank you for the dynamite insights, the tips on collaborating in a diverse team and the interactive hands-on exercises!


A massive thank you to@UXTraining_ from the @eyekiller team for 2 days of insightful and industry leading User Experience training last week.

Dom Griffin

UX/UI course completed with the irrepressible @UXTraining_. Superb insight into key concepts and practical applications #inspired

Dave Jennings

Great two days ux training in Manchester thanks @UXTraining_ 

Thatiana Mendes

Just attended a 2 day #UXTraining that was amazing! Lots of laughing and learning. Thanks @UXTraining_! Just loved it. #UX

Jeroen Callewaert

Just got back from an amazing 2-day UX training with @UXTraining_ in Manchester UK! #UX #goodstuff

Karen Hanratty

Insightful two days UX design training with @UXTraining_, highly recommend

Granite Digital

Having a great 2 days covered in Post it’s at our UX DESIGN workshop in @republicofwork with the brilliant @belenpena from @UXTraining_

An excellent course, the content is really practical and engaging. A great insight into UX whilst also being a very enjoyable two days.

Niall Parfitt

Fantastic 2 days #uxtraining @TheMACBelfast with @dunlop71 from @Fathom_UX @UXTraining_ #HappyFriday #UX

Dave Wharton Jr.

Thanks @UXTraining_ for an inspiring 2 days of UX training. Looking forward to putting my new found knowledge into practice :D

Artur Szalak

@UXTraining_ two days of Agile UX training awesomeness. Great approach and great methodology to teaching. Thanks!

Sarah Farrant

Thanks @UXTraining_ for a great 2 days at the Agile UX Training Course. Very inspiring :)

Caspar Shelley

Thanks for the UX Training @UXTraining_ It was super helpful and very motivating!

Sophia Bradley

Had a great couple of days with @Fathom_UX at @UXTraining_. Learnt loads and great to meet some like-minded people! #UXTraining

Colman and his team were extremely professional. His personable approach and rapport helped to make the two days really informal and enjoyable.

Christina Rafferty

Colman makes sure his 2 day UX Course is relevant, fun, & accessible - even to a UX novice like me @UXTraining_ I would highly recommend! 

Jake Cross

@UXTraining_ massive thanks Colman for a great #UX course. Really valuable insight!

Ronan Costello

Feeling inspired after two brilliant days of UX training with@UXTraining_ (and @danedgood !) - Really great content covered with a solid group!

Robert Duggan

Back to work @granite_digital after an excellent 2 day #UXdesign Workshop @republicofwork thanks to @belenpena from @UXTraining_ last week

Wim Porters

Hey @UXTraining_, thanks for the inspiring training the past 2 days! #uxtraining #greatexercises

Janelle Kelly

Had an amazing first day at @UXTraining_  UX Training today. Looking forward to learning & doing lots more tomorrow!

David O'Brien

Really good course with @UXTraining_ on #ux foundations. Nice mix of theory and practical work

Brian Durney

Just spent 2 days with a great gang being schooled on UX by@UXTraining_ at UXtraining.ie. Insightful, relaxing and fun to the end... more plz!

Dave Lofthouse

@UXTraining_ great UX foundation course in #manchester would thoroughly recommend! Hopefully catch up soon on another great course #ux #design

Ryan Rosenberg

Thank you @UXTraining_ for the masterful 2 days of UX training. Engaging, informative and fun with many real-world examples and takeaways!

Ant Galvin

Had a brilliant entertaining educating time at UXTraining.ie thanks to @UXTraining_ and all my fellow UXers. Another course due in Dec -Sign Up!

Rob Dalton

Awesome UX design course by the crazy knowledgable @UXTraining_

Marie Hedigan

Feeling very motivated after two days of UX training. Thanks @UXTraining_ great course!

Shane McElveen

Great two days of UX training with @UXTraining_. A mine of insights & info. could not recommend it enough

John O'Brien

@UXTraining_ really enjoyed the ux course. Not only great ux training but super research techniques. Highly recommended #uxcourse

Francesca Vonk

Enjoyed a good UX training. Got the conformations I was looking for thank you @UXTraining_ #uxtraining #ux

Gofran Shukair

Two fantastic days well spent with @UXTraining_ learning about mind-boggling UX techniques :)

Just finished fab UX design course with @UXTraining_. He really knows how to make the most complicated concepts seem like common sense. :-)

Frantz Brougere

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" thanks for the 2days workshop @UXTraining_

Inigo Olazabal

Great UX training last week! @UXTraining_

Cyril Portet

@UXTraining_ ravi de la formation #UXDesign : Great training course. Great trainer. Great subject. #Mercifrom #HappyGrumpyFrenchCustomer

Cliff Cottell

Really excellent intense 2 day agile UX training course with @UXTraining_. Can't recommend it enough! Great group as well. Thanks Colman 

Becky Birch

@UXTraining_ thank you, it's been a great start to the week! My head is full of UX design knowledge. #ux #training

Artur Szalak

@UXTraining_ thanks for amazing #uxtraining was great fun and loads of useful info!

Alan Duffy

Hats off to @UXTraining_ at uxtraining.com for a great two day UX training course.

Sanne Janssen

Heading back to Belgium after an inspiring & motivating UX training by @UXTraining_ #ux #design #boost

Katja Gebuhr

Great Agile UX course by @UXTraining_ in Dublin. Awesome time interviewing people and field work, and designing personas, user flow etc. Thanks!

Thibaud Desodt

Learnt a lot of cool stuff during this 2-day training. Let's see how we can apply it. Thanks @UXTraining_, it was a blast! #UXTraining

David Monaghan

Just finished a wonderful 2 day UX training course with the excellent @UXTraining_. Thx guys, Very inspiring!

Ken Kirwan Swing

@UXTraining_ fantastic UX training course. Will definitely be back for the next course

Donald Douglas

I just did the 2 day User Experience training course with@UXTraining_ - I'd really recommend it - very engaging

Lee Murray

Been on a group UX training course with @UXTraining_ for the last 2 days, highly recommended.

Colin O'Hara

Just completed a 2 day UXTraining.com course with @UXTraining_. If you work in Online or Digital, you need to check it out, well worth it.

Max Pronko

Big Thanks @UXTraining_ for the great UX training. #giftsdirect team really love it.

Anndrea Wilson

Thanks so much @dunlop71 @UXTraining_ for a really interesting UX training course. Looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice!

Chris Kernaghan

Couldn't recommend @UXTraining_ enough for UX training. Great fun and highly informative.

Nick Hoyle

@Utiligroup UX team have had a Fantastic 2 days at UX training. Thanks to the guys @UXTraining_ Really enjoyed it!

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