Kind words from happy customers

Just finished fab UX design course with @UXTraining_. He really knows how to make the most complicated concepts seem like common sense. :-)

Brian Kearns

2 days in Dublin with @UXTraining_ gaining UX insight. Fun group and engaging content brilliantly delivered.

Granite Digital

Having a great 2 days covered in Post it’s at our UX DESIGN workshop in @republicofwork with the brilliant @belenpena from @UXTraining_

Anndrea Wilson

Thanks so much @dunlop71 @UXTraining_ for a really interesting UX training course. Looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice!

An excellent course, the content is really practical and engaging. A great insight into UX whilst also being a very enjoyable two days.

Donald Douglas

I just did the 2 day User Experience training course with@UXTraining_ - I'd really recommend it - very engaging

Alan Duffy

Hats off to @UXTraining_ at uxtraining.com for a great two day UX training course.

The course gave our team a great overview of UX. It was very interactive and engaging, with lots of practical examples and useful tasks. It really hit the spot.

Karen Hanratty

Insightful two days UX design training with @UXTraining_, highly recommend

Shauna Moggan

I highly recommend the #uxtraining course with@UXTraining_ - really engaging, memorable and lots of fun ;-)

Patrick Fagan

Spent lovely few days UX training with @UXTraining_. Learned/confirmed a lot.

Jake Cross

@UXTraining_ massive thanks Colman for a great #UX course. Really valuable insight!

Francesca Vonk

Enjoyed a good UX training. Got the conformations I was looking for thank you @UXTraining_ #uxtraining #ux

Alexandra Lea

Thoroughly enjoyed my @UXTraining_ course. Big thanks to UX gurus @sparrk and @dunlop71 for a fantastic two days!

Colin O'Hara

Just completed a 2 day UXTraining.com course with @UXTraining_. If you work in Online or Digital, you need to check it out, well worth it.

Ryan Rosenberg

Thank you @UXTraining_ for the masterful 2 days of UX training. Engaging, informative and fun with many real-world examples and takeaways!

Dom Griffin

UX/UI course completed with the irrepressible @UXTraining_. Superb insight into key concepts and practical applications #inspired

Clea Allen

Thanks to @dunlop71 for a great two days learning more about #UX @UXTraining_

Paolo Bossi

Inspiring UX Training day at @impacthub with @UXTraining_. #amsterdam #uxdesign

Ronan Costello

Feeling inspired after two brilliant days of UX training with@UXTraining_ (and @danedgood !) - Really great content covered with a solid group!

Christina Rafferty

Colman makes sure his 2 day UX Course is relevant, fun, & accessible - even to a UX novice like me @UXTraining_ I would highly recommend! 

Cliff Cottell

Really excellent intense 2 day agile UX training course with @UXTraining_. Can't recommend it enough! Great group as well. Thanks Colman 

David O'Brien

Really good course with @UXTraining_ on #ux foundations. Nice mix of theory and practical work

Daniel Albro

Great 2 days training at UXTraining.ie @UXTraining_ put things into perspective with knowledge, charisma & fun!

Katja Gebuhr

Great Agile UX course by @UXTraining_ in Dublin. Awesome time interviewing people and field work, and designing personas, user flow etc. Thanks!

Colman and his team were extremely professional. His personable approach and rapport helped to make the two days really informal and enjoyable.

Caspar Shelley

Thanks for the UX Training @UXTraining_ It was super helpful and very motivating!

Stephen O'Kane

Excellent 2 days of UX training with @fathom_ux @dunlop71 @UXTraining_ very inspiring. Highly recommended #ux #userfirst #collaboration

Rachel Hood

Great 2 days of UX training with @UXTraining_ Very inspiring and highly recommend the #uxtraining course!

Niall Parfitt

Fantastic 2 days #uxtraining @TheMACBelfast with @dunlop71 from @Fathom_UX @UXTraining_ #HappyFriday #UX

Becky Birch

@UXTraining_ thank you, it's been a great start to the week! My head is full of UX design knowledge. #ux #training

Sven Beeckman

Got certified today! Thanks @UXTraining_ for the awesome 2 days of UX Training!

John O'Brien

@UXTraining_ really enjoyed the ux course. Not only great ux training but super research techniques. Highly recommended #uxcourse

Grainne Redmond

just finished UX foundation course with @UXTraining_ and team! Highly recommend! Loads of really useful actionable learnings. #ux

Shabbir Mulla

Great couple of days with @dunlop71 from @Fathom_UX at @UXTraining_ #UXTraining Learnt loads & great to meet some like-minded people!

Cyril Portet

@UXTraining_ ravi de la formation #UXDesign : Great training course. Great trainer. Great subject. #Mercifrom #HappyGrumpyFrenchCustomer

Thibaud Desodt

Learnt a lot of cool stuff during this 2-day training. Let's see how we can apply it. Thanks @UXTraining_, it was a blast! #UXTraining

Thatiana Mendes

Just attended a 2 day #UXTraining that was amazing! Lots of laughing and learning. Thanks @UXTraining_! Just loved it. #UX

Matt Barker

Excellent couple of days of UX training with @UXTraining_ - I'd thoroughly recommend the course

Wim Porters

Hey @UXTraining_, thanks for the inspiring training the past 2 days! #uxtraining #greatexercises

Gary Page

Just completed a 2 day UX Workshop and it was very good. Big thank you to our wonderful teacher Belen and all the crew @UXTraining_

Woud Hobbelink

Had a blast at last week's @UXTraining_. Thanks Colman! See you at the #MobileUX course :)

Silvana Precup

@UXTraining_ A big thank you for the dynamite insights, the tips on collaborating in a diverse team and the interactive hands-on exercises!

2 days of amazing UX insight with @UXTraining_ Now back to @TeamCarma to practice what's been preached. #allhailsharpie

Jeroen Callewaert

Just got back from an amazing 2-day UX training with @UXTraining_ in Manchester UK! #UX #goodstuff

Gofran Shukair

Two fantastic days well spent with @UXTraining_ learning about mind-boggling UX techniques :)

Sarah Farrant

Thanks @UXTraining_ for a great 2 days at the Agile UX Training Course. Very inspiring :)

Dave Lofthouse

@UXTraining_ great UX foundation course in #manchester would thoroughly recommend! Hopefully catch up soon on another great course #ux #design

Artur Szalak

@UXTraining_ thanks for amazing #uxtraining was great fun and loads of useful info!

Chris Kernaghan

Couldn't recommend @UXTraining_ enough for UX training. Great fun and highly informative.

Sanne Janssen

Heading back to Belgium after an inspiring & motivating UX training by @UXTraining_ #ux #design #boost

Janelle Kelly

Had an amazing first day at @UXTraining_  UX Training today. Looking forward to learning & doing lots more tomorrow!

Stephen Cummins

Heading home after a great 2 days UX training with @UXTraining_ So much practical stuff that can be applied to work

Marie Hedigan

Feeling very motivated after two days of UX training. Thanks @UXTraining_ great course!


A massive thank you to@UXTraining_ from the @eyekiller team for 2 days of insightful and industry leading User Experience training last week.


@UXTraining_ Inspiring trainer, great material, interactive and hands on training and loads of fun, thanks Colman! #UXTraining

Gerard Coughlan

I never thought I'd enjoy 2 days in a room with a Cork man! Well done @UXTraining_ on delivering an excellent UX course.

Nick Hoyle

@Utiligroup UX team have had a Fantastic 2 days at UX training. Thanks to the guys @UXTraining_ Really enjoyed it!

Inigo Olazabal

Great UX training last week! @UXTraining_

Rovigo Manucci

Unbelievable experience with @UXTraining_  in the #ux foundation course in dublin, full of useful information. See you in the #agile course.

Frantz Brougere

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" thanks for the 2days workshop @UXTraining_

Sander van Mourik

@UXTraining_ Really happy I chose for UXtraining! Great course, great teacher. Enjoyed it!

Ant Galvin

Had a brilliant entertaining educating time at UXTraining.ie thanks to @UXTraining_ and all my fellow UXers. Another course due in Dec -Sign Up!

Robert Duggan

Back to work @granite_digital after an excellent 2 day #UXdesign Workshop @republicofwork thanks to @belenpena from @UXTraining_ last week

Dave Wharton Jr.

Thanks @UXTraining_ for an inspiring 2 days of UX training. Looking forward to putting my new found knowledge into practice :D

Dave Jennings

Great two days ux training in Manchester thanks @UXTraining_ 

Anshul Sharma

@UXTraining_ shout out to the amazing 2 days UX workshop I attended in Luxembourg this summer. I feel a little wiser now :D #UXTraining

Max Pronko

Big Thanks @UXTraining_ for the great UX training. #giftsdirect team really love it.

Thanks to @dunlop71 for more insight into the world of #UX, had a great time! @UXTraining_ @Fathom_UX

Shane McElveen

Great two days of UX training with @UXTraining_. A mine of insights & info. could not recommend it enough

Sinead S Carroll

Great insights from @UXTraining_ over the last couple of days. Well worth attending his UX training course. Thanks Colman! #uxtraining

Artur Szalak

@UXTraining_ two days of Agile UX training awesomeness. Great approach and great methodology to teaching. Thanks!

Sophia Bradley

Had a great couple of days with @Fathom_UX at @UXTraining_. Learnt loads and great to meet some like-minded people! #UXTraining

Padraig Birch

Great couple of days at @UXTraining_ #UXtraining. Really reccomend if you work in design and want to brush up on ur #UX

Jordan Moore

Just finished two very enjoyable days full of sharpies, flows and prototypes with @UXTraining_. Highly recommended

Stephen Flynn

Thanks Gareth for the excellent UX training over the last two days, very engaging @dunlop71 @Fathom_UX @UXTraining_

Rob Dalton

Awesome UX design course by the crazy knowledgable @UXTraining_

Janice Brogan

In design thinking mode & full of ideas & inspo after @UXTraining_ UX course! Collaborative problem-solving is the name of the game. Thanks C!

David Monaghan

Just finished a wonderful 2 day UX training course with the excellent @UXTraining_. Thx guys, Very inspiring!

Ken Kirwan Swing

@UXTraining_ fantastic UX training course. Will definitely be back for the next course

Nilson Vignolo Benis

Two great days of UX training with lots of learning, hands-on and laughing. Thanks @UXTraining_ and team. Awesome experience!

Lee Murray

Been on a group UX training course with @UXTraining_ for the last 2 days, highly recommended.

Brian Durney

Just spent 2 days with a great gang being schooled on UX by@UXTraining_ at UXtraining.ie. Insightful, relaxing and fun to the end... more plz!

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