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What is the Usability testing course?

UX is a research-based discipline and qualitative research is the most powerful tool in the UX toolkit. This course will equip your teams with the capability of conducting in-house usability tests. We cover everything from setting up mobile tests to conducting customer interviews.

Why should I attend?

If you’re not doing research, you’re not doing UX. The goal of our training course is to give your team the confidence and the know-how to be self-sufficient when it comes to conducting customer interviews and usability tests.

Hands-on experience

We’ll facilitate a live usability test session with a real customer using your product for your team to observe. We believe people learn best when they get a chance to do it themselves. So members of your team will get to facilitate a test session as the other team members observe and critique.

Course outline

A one-day deep dive into the most powerful tool in the UX toolkit

module 1


Introduction to qualitative research

  • What is qualitative research?
    What it is and why it matters. Understanding how qualitative research differs from quantitative research.
  • When and why you should use customer interviews
    Customer interviews provide contextual background early in the product development cycle. They can pinpoint genuine problems that customers need to solve.
  • When and why you should use usability testing
    Usability testing is a versatile research technique, that can be used at various points along the software development lifecycle. We look at when it can best be used and to what ends.
module 2


Preparing your test

  • How to set clear research objectives
    Every research study needs to have clear objectives that provide focus. Here we look at defining what we want to learn.
  • How to find customers
    Research requires real customers or potential customers. We show you how to find them.
  • How to create research scripts
    Usability tests and interviews are not spontaneous. Every hour of preparation increases the likelihood of higher quality research data. Defining a detailed script is the best preparation possible.
module 3


Moderating your test

  • How to conduct a customer interview
    In this module we show you how to structure an interview and what sort of questions you should ask (and not ask).
  • Facilitation tips and techniques
    Usability test facilitation is an art. Anybody can do it, but it requires know-how and practice. We discuss the role of the facilitator, what they are trying to achieve and tips for running smooth, effective sessions.
  • Common pitfalls
    Every mistake you can make, we’ve made it. We’ll share some of the most common research pitfalls. And show you how to avoid them.
  • How to set up and record a usability test (for desktop)
    What software and hardware you need. How to set up a high-quality, professional usability test recording.
  • How to set up and record a usability test (for mobile)
    What software and hardware you need. How to set up a high-quality, professional mobile usability test recording for Android and iOS.
module 4

Usability testing

Live usability testing

  • Live usability test #1
    Your trainer will facilitate a usability test session with a real customer using your product (or other software). Your team will observe.
  • Live usability test #2-4
    Three members of the your team will facilitate a test session, with the other team members observing and critiquing.
  • Post test Q&A
    After the tests we will discuss what we’ve learned and identify areas for improvement.

What people are saying

Kind words from happy customers.

David O'Brien

Really good course with @uxtrainingHQ on #ux foundations. Nice mix of theory and practical work

Padraig Birch

Great couple of days at @uxtrainingHQ #UXtraining. Really reccomend if you work in design and want to brush up on ur #UX

Thibaud Desodt

Learnt a lot of cool stuff during this 2-day training. Let's see how we can apply it. Thanks @uxtrainingHQ, it was a blast! #UXTraining

Dom Griffin

UX/UI course completed with the irrepressible @uxtrainingHQ. Superb insight into key concepts and practical applications #inspired

Karen Hanratty

Insightful two days UX design training with @uxtrainingHQ, highly recommend

Dave Wharton Jr.

Thanks @uxtrainingHQ for an inspiring 2 days of UX training. Looking forward to putting my new found knowledge into practice :D

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